We are proud to work with professional installers of rain screen systems who go above and beyond to ensure that the client gets the finish to his or her building  that they envisaged. So you will forgive us for continually taking photos of completed – and some times not so completed – work and uploading them onto this page to showcase our skills in the fabrication of high end facade materials.

Every one will have a story, but everyone ends the same way – a happy customer of Marco Industries satisfying their own client with a job well done. Marco Industries prides itself in understanding the processes on site and we do all we can to make the project as easy as it can be. Material delivered by Marco Industries is always agreed to time and packed down to suit programme with clear ID labelling so the installers have every advantage when loading out and eventually fixing.

Ashford Health Centre

Dartford Station

Colas Divisional Office

Church Road, Norwood

St Andrews, Worthing

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