Fire Standards

With recent events, it’s really important to know that what kind of fire standards the cladding you’re using on your building is held to. By law, all buildings above 18 metres in height need to have cladding which is fire rated. Most cladding has some sort of protection built in, but only those which are FR should be used on these taller buildings. 

These ratings range from an A1 to a D in accordance with European Standards EN-13501-1.

What does A1 and A2 Rated mean?

Class A1 – Products are described as having no contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN 13501 sets several thresholds for combustion performance when tested to both EN ISO 1716 and EN ISO 1182. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 2MJ/kg. Typical products meeting this classification include most inorganic materials such as metal and stone.

Class A2, s3, d2 – Products are described as having no significant contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN 13501 sets several thresholds for combustion when tested to EN ISO 1182, or both EN ISO 1716 and EN 13823. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 3MJ/kg. A typical product meeting this classification is plasterboard.For comparison, Wood has a typical value of 15 MJ/Kg.

Some products use a slightly different fire classification known as the BR 135 standard, set by the BRE (Building Research Establishment). When using a cladding product that is classified using this method, a full classification report must be supplied to prove compliance with BR 135.

Below we have a table which is provided directly by Peroni, who set the European Standards for fire safety. We also have the British standards, as well as a table for all the products we provide so you know exactly the specification for your product. 

European Standard EN-13501-1 Classification

Definition Construction Products
Non-combustible materials A1
A2 – s1 d0
A2 – s2 d0
A2 – s3 d0
A2 – s1 d1
A2 – s2 d1
A2 – s3 d1
A2 – s1 d2
A2 – s2 d2
A2 – s3 d2
Combustible materials: Very limited contribution to fire B – s1 d0
B – s2 d0
B – s3 d0
B – s1 d1
B – s2 d1
B – s3 d1
B – s1 d2
B – s2 d2
B – s3 d2
Combustible materials: Limited contribution to fire C – s1 d0
C – s2 d0
C – s3 d0
C – s1 d1
C – s2 d1
C – s3 d1
C – s1 d2
C – s2 d2
C – s3 d2
Combustible materials: Medium contribution to fire D – s1 d0
D – s2 d0
D – s3 d0
D – s1 d1
D – s2 d1
D – s3 d1
D – s1 d2
D – s2 d2
D – s3 d2
Combustible materials: Highly contribution to fire E E – d2
Combustible materials: Easily flammable F

The European classifications break down into codes, the ‘d’ part relates to ‘flaming droplets and particles’ during the first 10 minutes of exposure. The index is:

D0 = none
D1 = some
D2 = quite a lot

The ‘s’ part relates to total smoke propagation, during the first ten minutes of exposure. These determine a ‘smoke’ index:

S1 = a little or no smoke
S2 = quite a lot of smoke
S3 = substantial smoke


Additional Class Level Definition
 Smoke emission during combustion s 1
A little or no smoke
Quite a lot of smoke
Substantial smoke
Production of flaming droplets/particles during combustion d 0
Quite a lot

British Standards

Below is the conversion of the British standard in to the European Standard.

British Standard Conversion to Euro Class
Non-combustible A1
Limited Combustibility A2–s3,d2 (or better)
Class 0 B-s3,d2 (or better)
Class 1 C-s3,d2 (or better)
Class 3 D-s3,d2 (or better)

Fire Rating by Product

Product Standard
Equitone A2-s1,d0
Max Exterior F Quality B-s2,d0
Cembrit Solid A2-s1,d0
Cembrit Patina / Cembonit A2-s1,d0
Cembrit Cover A2-s1,d0
Cembrit Transparent A2-s1,d0
Alucobond+ B-s1,d0
Alucobond+ A2-s1,d0
Cedral Weatherboard A2-s1,d0
Product Std FR
Abet MEG, Standard Grade C-s2,d0 B-s1,d0*
Product Std FS-Xtra
Rockpanel range B-s2,d0 A2-s1,d0
Rockpanel Natural B-s2,d0
Rockpanel Ply B-s2,d0
Rockpanel Lines B-s2,d0
Aluminium or Steel sub-construction
When fixed with blind rivets and application of premium FS-Xtra boards, in combination with mineral wool insulation, this meets the requirements for A2-s1,d0.   


Product Std FR
Trespa Meteon  D-s2,d0 B-s1,d0*
Trespa Pura NFC B-s2,d0
Trespa TopLab Base D-s2,d0 B-s2,d0*
Trespa TopLab Vertical D-s2,d0 B-s2,d0*
*If panel thickness is equal to or greater than 8mm and used with a metal frame
Product S F
 Parklex  C-s1,d0  B-s1,d0

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