Decorative Cladding

Well, not just cladding actually.

The mechanics behind the decorative face of the building are obviously massively important. The whole ‘through wall’ design and specification can be serviced by Marco Industries. Sheathing and fire rated boards, high quality frame products with all necessary calculations and certifications, insulation, breather barriers and fire protection products together with all the necessary fixing materials to ensure the finished façade looks as the client and architect intended, all can be provided by Marco Industries.

Ventilated rain screen systems have been used for 100’s of years and in the UK certainly for the last 60 or so. Whether the materials are used to increase thermal efficiency and breath new life into existing buildings by providing a colourful and innovative facade, or as part of new build design utilising modern systems to provide durable, weatherproof and in many cases fireproof envelope solutions, you can be sure that Marco will be at the forefront of fabrication to the highest standard.

We deal with the world’s leading products within this market and we ensure our supply partners materials are handled at all times with skill and care. Specialist installers of the systems can have utmost confidence in our capabilities however complex the fabrication process is.